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Answers to common questions.

What time is check-in for my flight?

Check in time for your flight is 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. Please understand that your check in time is required to ensure you are prepared for your flight and a safety briefing will be given at that time. Late arrivals are subject to a reduction in flight time and/or full cancelation of flight.

How does the free shuttle work?

*Due to Covid-19 our shuttle service is suspended until further notice.

What clothing should I wear?

Your choice of clothing depends on whether you book a doors on or doors off tour. For a doors on tour, the temperature aboard the helicopter is very comfortable during flights-t-shirts and shorts are just fine. However, if you choose a doors-off tour, your flight will be windy and cold so jackets and/or sweatshirts are required and long pants are recommended. Closed toed shoes are also required for doors-off tours. Please note that hats are not allowed on board your flight. Your hat might blow off your head and fly up into the rotors and that is very unsafe. You may leave any hats in the office during our flight. Lastly, for anyone with long hair a hair tie is required to put up your hair so you don’t get what we call “helicopter hair,” which is not fun afterwards!

*Rainbow helicopters’ policies state that you will not be able to board a doors-off flight without a jacket or sweatshirt and closed toed shoes, so be sure to remember to dress warm!

What time of day has the best visibility for tours?

Welcome to paradise! Hawaii enjoys beautiful weather mornings, afternoons, and evenings. So the real question is, “When do you want to fly?” Of course, we do keep our eye constantly on the weather reports to make sure your helicopter flight is the best possible experience.

Is photography allowed?

Not only is photography allowed, it’s encouraged! You’ll see Hawaii like you’ve never seen it before!

Is it guaranteed that I will see everything listed on the tour?

We try to fly over every landmark listed on your selected tour. However, flying in a helicopter is not as simple as watching a movie. Once in a while we have to contend with poor visibility, strong winds, or other weather that may prevent us from taking our normal path. We will do our best to cover the listed landmarks as well as accommodate any requests that you may have.

What’s the difference between a Doors On & Doors Off tour?

Doors-on tours are more comfortable and you can easily hear music and narration. You’ll enjoy window seating with unobstructed views from the top of your head to your waist. Doors-off helicopter tours are available by request and are a little more exciting. Please note that they are windy and colder so you will have to wear warmer clothes. Doors off-tours also provide a better photographic experience as you will enjoy unobstructed floor-to-ceiling views. While doors off tours are very popular and a blast, they are not for everyone. Please only choose doors off if you are up for an adventure experience! If not, we recommend sticking with the doors on. Lastly please note that when booking the doors off experience, your seat may or may not be directly adjacent to an open door. Learn More About Doors Off Helicopter Tours

I get motion sickness frequently. Should I take medecine before the flight?

Our flights are very smooth; this is not a theme park ride! So many people who presume they may have an issue feel just fine during the tour. However, if you are prone to motion sickness you might want to take a motion sickness pill just as a precaution. We want you to enjoy your flight!

Are young children allowed on flights?

Yes, children 24 months and under do well on flights. We even have baby headsets for them to wear. Please be aware that FAA regulations require a full-fare seat for children 24 months and over. Children 24 months and under are welcome to sit on the lap of a responsible adult at no charge.

Can I book your helicopter for private charters?

Rainbow Helicopters offers a variety of on demand charter and specialty flight services including luxury intra- and inter-island charters, proposal flights, aerial photography, and flight instruction. Please contact us for more information and to book your custom helicopter experience.

How experienced are your pilots?

We employ some of the most skilled pilots in the state and hold them to the highest standards. Our pilots are very experienced in their knowledge of Hawaiian skies, climates, and terrain. Their abilities will put you at ease as you fly over the beaches, mountains, and sights of the Islands.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open for business every day from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm, Hawaii Standard Time.

Single seat purchase
tour policies:

We will contact you to confirm your flight time 24 hours before your flight or sooner.  If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours of your flight, please call 1-888-779-7724. You may also call for availability and departure times prior to booking if you’d like. If your flight is purchased less than 24 hours from now, please call 1-888-779-7724 for departure time confirmation after you receive your booking email. We do our best to match your preferred departure time selected during checkout. If your flight is purchased more than 72 hours ahead of time, we usually can accommodate it very close to your preferred time as the flight gets closer to the departure date. Sometimes we do need to change the flight time or flight date entirely and will offer a refund if it does not work with your schedule. Why is this? Sometimes we have to modify the departure time because we must schedule you with other customers in a properly balanced helicopter.  We cannot fly the helicopter with only you aboard for a single seat booking fare.

Did you know? There are two ways you can fly alone:

1. Select “Book entire aircraft” in the “Private tour options”.
2. Purchase a Custom Charter. 

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We are located inside the Castle & Cooke Aviation building at Honolulu International Airport. If you are driving your own vehicle to our location, please park in the left-hand side lot, and come to the large glass doors at the main entrance.


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