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Rainbow’s best helicopter pilots — reviews from our guests.


Rainbow’s best helicopter pilots are well versed in Hawaiian culture, history and geography and deliver an unforgettable experience that customers love.

Rainbow Helicopters exceptional pilots are seasoned professionals with years of flight experience, dedicated to providing a safe, informative and fun helicopter tour while viewing the natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape. Rainbow’s helicopter pilots fly our colorful helicopters within viewing distance of the most iconic sights, like lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls. They are dedicated to sharing the natural beauty, culture and scenery while sharing personal insights into Hawaii’s diverse culture.

Come with us above the clouds and enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Oahu’s spectacular Hawaiian landscape. Experience a once in a lifetime helicopter tour of Oahu, narrated by a highly-trained pilot and guide that will show you the breathtaking views of world famous waterfalls, lush green valleys and so much more! Rainbow’s helicopter pilots are dedicated to giving you a comfortable and engaging experience while providing guests with an informative story of Hawaii’s rich history.

Awesome experience doors off! Riley our pilot was fantastic!”

KABREN  •  DEC 2021

Amazing pilots
  1. "Awesome time on the helicopter! Oliver was a great pilot and went out of his way to be personable and check on everyone frequently during the flight. Gives you a whole new perspective of the area! Oliver did a great job giving both sides of the chopper great photo opportunities! A must do! "
    Josh Eidson • Nov 2022
  2. "Really awesome flight! Pilot was excellent! Saw the island from a perspective you don't get anywhere else."
    Rory Brown • Nov 2022
  3. "Kyle was so informative with facts that visitors want to know. He made sure to give us a heads up of his maneuvering and checked on my wife when she seemed a little afraid. He is a skilled pilot and personable. Upon arriving, there were several signs to help us get to where we needed to be. The staff was very helpful and did a great job preparing us for our flight. Great experience!"
    Bryon • Nov 2022
  4. "Tobias was an amazing pilot and the experience itself was spectacular. Thank you!"
    Julie P • Nov 2022
  5. "This is an experience that will literally and proverbially take your breath away. Take the doors off and hold on! Don't miss this one Thank you Harley (Pilot) for making it look easy!"
    Justin Davenport • Nov 2022
  6. "We had a wonderful experience, our pilot was very informative and patient. We were celebrating my 6 years old Birthday, she had a good time ."
    Rita • Nov 2022
  7. "We spent 8 hours in a van "touring" the island on Wednesday. We spent an hour in the air on Thursday with Rainbow helicopters. The one hour in the air provided better views, context and content than any of Wednesday. I strongly recommend doing the one hour flight. If you can do "doors off," it provides so much more visibility at the risk of tangled hair (wear a hoodie, put the hood on!). Rainbow was very accommodating and did everything they could to make our trip safe and enjoyable. Our pilot Kerry was awesome, making sure we were comfortable, knew what we were looking at and also made sure I got the opportunity to get some priceless pictures. Excellent flight, awesome memories and fantastic pictures. Thank you Rainbow Helicopters (and especially Kerry!!!)"
    Chris Goblirsch • Nov 2022
  8. "Wonderful flight with a fantastic pilot ! Tobias gave us many explanations, showed us the most beautiful place. The 60 minutes tour is breathtaking and an unforgettable experience with such a great pilot… Thanks a lot, Tobias"
    Marine Duvocelle • Oct 2022
  9. "The flight was amazing.! The pilot was great. We had Riley and he did a wonderful job with the tour. Very informative and fun! Would definitely do again!"
    Wendy saxton • Oct 2022
  10. "Great experience. Our pilot Riley did a great job."
    Ronald Linares • Oct 2022
  11. "Not gonna lie, but I was a little nervous leading up to the flight, but I should not have worried, because our pilot, Joey was fantastic. Between his excellent flying and his knowledge of the island, it was a memorable experience. I highly recommend this excursion with this company."
    Connie • Oct 2022
  12. "We did the Royal crown of Oahu on Saturday, October 8th and our pilot was Rylie. Fantastic trip. First time being in a helicopter for us, and with the doors off, it was even more spectacular. Felt safe the entire trip, and our pilot did a great job pointing out the sites. It’s a must do trip. Next time we are in Hawaii it will be on our list to do again."
    Rich Carpenter • Oct 2022
  13. "It was a breathtaking experience and view that only a helicopter ride could provide. The pilot was informed and engaging. I would recommend this experience to all wishing to view and circle the island from the air in 1-hour."
    Dr. Morcease Beasley • Oct 2022
  14. "AMAZING!! Perfect in every way. Josh our pilot was the best!! He was friendly,funny and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend a Rainbow Helicopter tour. Thanks Josh for the memories my family will treasure for a lifetime."
    Christine Boudreault • Oct 2022
  15. "FAR OUT! I'm 62 and my 1st time in HI Aloha! Online reservations are super easy. Easy to locate event. Well prepared video training. All staff were friendly and professional. Riley, our pilot, has THE BEST JOB EVER! Can you imagine my excitement when I saw I was going to be seated in the "co-pilot" seat?!!! Sheer joy I tell you. Riley's obviously well experienced and did not disappoint in sharing his flying skills. I got fantastic videos and images!!!! We will be back. Mahalo!"
    Mary Brennan • Oct 2022
  16. "Great experience! Definitely something to do. The hour long flight was just long enough and the pilot, Kyle, was knowledgeable and personable. Having the doors off is worth it for the unobstructed views and experience."
    Juan Carlos Flamand • Oct 2022
  17. "Amazing!! Thank you for being able to accommodate a last minute seat. Pilot was amazing."
    Leticia • Oct 2022
  18. "Amazing last minute decision and definitely worth it. The staff was very attentive and friendly. Our pilot Riley did an exceptional job ensuring we got the most out of our ride. Definitely a highlight of our trip. Mahalo!"
    Christina • Oct 2022
  19. "What a great experience. The pilot was well trained and experienced and very knowledgeable of everything we flew over. Highly recommend."
    Jackie Rodriguez • Sep 2022
  20. "The staff was wonderful and our pilot Kyle had great knowledge of the island and made sure both sides of the helicopter got great views. It was a wonderful trip!"
    Lia Jennings • Sep 2022
Smooth helicopter rides
  1. "Great views of Oahu! My first time doing doors off and first time my husband went in a helicopter ride (doors off too) and we both had a blast. Josh was our pilot who has been flying at least 10 years. Fantastic pilot , very smooth ride. Would do this again!"
    Nancy • Sep 2022
  2. "Amazing tour! Highly recommend taking the “doors-off” option. Our pilot was professional and informative. Cory did an amazing job of ensuring a safe/smooth ride, while also pointing out the sights. Props to the ground crew as well. Best way to see Hawaii! Mahalo!"
    Terri & Jim • Sep 2022
  3. "Awesome ride. Harley kept the helicopter smooth. He provided great info, while still allowing us just to enjoy the ride. Truly amazing sights. Only complaint I have is that there was no confirmation/final invoice provided or sent following the trip."
    Julie Williams • Aug 2022
  4. "Organized, efficient, professional, and safe. I remarked to my wife as we drove away about how smooth the operation was."
    John • Jul 2022
  5. "Our pilot Harley was kick ass & the entire experience was smooth! Thank you so much!"
    Matt Jackson • Jun 2022
  6. "We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the flight was smooth. The only constructive criticism is to have more narration from the pilot on history and more details of key sites throughout the flight. The pilot did point out some locations but a little more insight and details would be have been helpful. There was lots to take in from a passenger's perspective, and the helicopter had a time schedule so going slower or hovering to create time to ask questions was not realistic. Overall, a great time and would recommend this trip to anyone who has not seen Oahu from the air."
    Gus • Jun 2022
  7. "Simply outstanding! The entire group had a ball and the pilot was as smooth as peanut butter on velvet. We’ll be talking about our tour for years to come. Thanks for an outstanding experience!"
    Elliott Stokes • Jun 2022
  8. "Fabulous! We had doors off. Rainbows followed us the whole way around. We got lucky and had a small helicopter so we were the only passengers, and I got to sit in the front! Smooth ride, partner gets motion sickness but wasn’t affected by it for this. I’m a nervous flyer and I was fine. Wore a long sleeve tee, it was only a little chilly up there, apparently about 5 degrees colder than on the ground (they said). Highly recommend."
    Jennifer Chapman • Jun 2022
  9. "tour was great. harley did a great job explaining the sites we were seeing. the ride was smooth and fun."
    heidi • Jun 2022
  10. "Great flight all around and great customer service. Our flight started with a greeting by the Crew at the reception desk and a quick and simple safety video. Then a quick ride out to the aircraft where our pilot Riley already had the aircraft running and waiting for us to load. The flight was awesome to say the least. Being an old Army Aviation mechanic and door gunner from Afghanistan it brought back some great memories to fly with doors open and feel the wind filling the aircraft! Riley kept us at a nice smooth level flight climbing to about 2500ft for one portion as we went around the whole island. He called out the sites and even circled around so people on the outside got a first hand view of the major sites. That was the fun part as the aircraft banked about 30 degrees in a very controlled 360 degree turn. Any tighter than that and my fiancé woulda crushed my hand!!! Everyone gets a headset with mic and they worked fine but only me and my fiancé talked during the flight. This was her first helicopter flight so she was a bit nervous but the jitters wore off toward the end when she talked to the pilot. Riley was very confident, managing the aircraft, talking to other aircraft and us as well. He knows his stuff for sure. Overall it was a great time and worth every penny. I’d definitely do it again and highly recommend their service. Thanks for making the whole experience a great time."
    D. Parmer • May 2022
  11. "The ride was incredible and the staff are so friendly. Pilot Corey was excellent and really gave us a phenomenal experience. It was safe and we saw so many sites. Everything was beautiful and ran smoothly. I would highly recommend the Royal Crown of Oahu tour to everyone. You won’t be disappointed."
    Chrystal • May 2022
  12. "Cory did a great job of showing us the sites of Oahu. The ride was smooth, the chopper was well equipped, and importantly safety was first rate. Well done guys. Worth the dollars."
    Dirk • Apr 2022
  13. "The tour was beautiful. Our pilot, Josh, was amazing; especially with take off and landing, it was smooth. The only reason why I didn’t give 5 stars because they did not give us any opportunity to take any picture in front of the helicopter. We literally had to beg for ONE picture. Yeah we got pictures of the island from top but what about our pictures in front of the chopper itself?? That itself is a memory!!"
    Janet • Mar 2022
  14. "Went with rainbow cause you guys had the newest looking helicopters, you guys did not disappoint. My family had an incredible time and this has been our favorite helicopter tour so far. Our pilot was fantastic and it was a smooth flight around the island. Thank you!"
    Jason Tepes • Mar 2022
  15. "Love Rainbow, they are like a well oiled machine! Easy and convenient online booking. Ground staff is professional and friendly. Corey, our pilot is super knowledgeable and friendly. The ride was smooth and comfortable and he pointed out landmarks. Airfield easy to find and plenty of free/safe parking. We did the doors on because this was our first time, next time doors off!!"
    Julie Nix Quevedo • Mar 2022
  16. "An amazing ride. Saw so much of Oahu. Sarah is a wonderful pilot and did a great job explaining what was coming into view and why it was important. It was the smoothest helicopter ride I have ever been on. Thank you"
    John Mc • Jan 2022
  17. "Great time and the pilot did a great job of keeping the helicopter ride smooth. Would highly recommend."
    Scott Schumacher • Dec 2021
  18. "Excellent tour. Toby was great, the ride was really smooth and comfortable. Not a rating on the tour, but if you have a larger group and going up with the larger helicopter you might not get to see everything from the center seats. To rectify this you should take the doors off to have unobstructed views. But the tour and everything itself was fantastic."
    Phil Silvio • Nov 2021
  19. "The employees and flight was all spectacular. Very smooth flight and knowledgeable pilot. Thank you for the wonderful experience."
    James • Oct 2021
  20. "We travel a lot worldwide. And I have to say that this was one of the most fantastic experiences we’ve ever had. We booked the full hour tour, doors off. The ground crew was great in preflight. The helo was great and comfortable and the pilot, Sarah, she was great. Pointed to all the important sites and gave us a very comfortable ride. And I should know. I’m a pilot and I know she had to deal with some winds, but she knows her route very well and we had a very smooth ride. The route was well planned and we got to see everything. The views were amazing. The videos and pictures we took are incredible. And Sarah made it a point that both sides of the helo could get good shots. It was our most memorable experience of our Hawaiian trip. I definitely recommend Rainbow Helicopters. 100%. Thank you for making this part of our trip very memorable. I highly recommend them."
    Roberto/Lourdes Gutiérrez • Aug 2021
Knowledgable staff
  1. "Thoroughly enjoyed the tour by air of Oahu! Beautiful sights, safely flown; courteous staff, knowledgeable; Highly recommend. Nice video of flight also."
    Mitzi • Nov 2022
  2. "Riley was great, very knowledgeable about the sites! We had a great time with a doors off experience! 10/10"
    Brooke • Oct 2022
  3. "AMAZING!! Perfect in every way. Josh our pilot was the best!! He was friendly,funny and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend a Rainbow Helicopter tour. Thanks Josh for the memories my family will treasure for a lifetime."
    Christine Boudreault • Oct 2022
  4. "Great experience! Definitely something to do. The hour long flight was just long enough and the pilot, Kyle, was knowledgeable and personable. Having the doors off is worth it for the unobstructed views and experience."
    Juan Carlos Flamand • Oct 2022
  5. "What a great experience. The pilot was well trained and experienced and very knowledgeable of everything we flew over. Highly recommend."
    Jackie Rodriguez • Sep 2022
  6. "Staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Cory our pilot was awesome. He made sure we got all views both sides of helicopter so all could see and very knowledgeable about the island. Best experience ever will be back to do it again. Thank you staff for being so amazing!!! High light of our day"
    Teri Stevens • Sep 2022
  7. "Fantastic doors off experience even though we had some clouds and rain. Our pilot Kyle was pleasant and very knowledgeable. This has become one of our top tourist attractions we have done."
    Tammy & Audra • Sep 2022
  8. "We went for the full loop of the island and it was definitely the highlight of our holiday. Oliver was a great pilot doing some rather fancy moves and was very knowledgeable."
    Johan Grundstrom • Sep 2022
  9. "We are 2 Aussie couples who took to the skies with Josh from Rainbow helicopters a few days ago, he was very knowledgeable and gave us a great overview of the island. It was the highlight of our holiday and will definitely do the Rainbow flight again even though I suffered a little motion sickness right at the end it was so worth it"
    Mary Cugola • Sep 2022
  10. "It was wonderful, seeing the island form the air is a great experience. My husband has been wanting to fly in a helicopter from a very young age, at 63 years of age he has finally had the experience. Josh, our pilot was very knowledgeable and an awesome pilot."
    Mary Cugola • Aug 2022
  11. "Our pilot, Harley was great. He was knowledgeable about the sites, good mix of interaction with time to take in the amazing views. Doors-off made the whole experience memorable. Highly recommend this tour."
    Michael Bolinger • Aug 2022
  12. "Fantastic, Jake our pilot was very knowledgeable of the area and just a really nice bloke! The young support staff were all very nice to talk to. Would definitely recommend Rainbow to our friends."
    David Rollason • Aug 2022
  13. "Most amazing experience ever. Our guide, Kyle, was very knowledgeable and entertaining. You definitely see the island in a way you couldn't otherwise. We felt completely safe, even with the doors off. This was the highlight of our trip and we haven't been able to stop talking about it or looking at our pictures and videos!"
    Jen • Aug 2022
  14. "We had an amazing time on this ride. We had to land the first time shortly after we took off due to bad weather, but the entire team was very communicative and pleasant about it. We took of for the second time after 30mins or so, and our pilot Kyle was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and respectful and made us feel very comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend using this company for an amazing helicopter tour of Oahu!"
    DN • Jul 2022
  15. "Fantastic experience - clean, professional, attention to safety. Our pilot was phenomenal, very knowledgeable and entertaining. Great experience overall and would recommend them highly. We are a family of 4 with 2 kids that are 6 yrs old and they enjoyed it!"
    Jigesh Shah • Jul 2022
  16. "Fantastic, breathtaking tour! Our pilot, Harley, was excellent-very knowledgeable and friendly! Would definitely recommend to anyone!"
    Kim Pinales • Jul 2022
  17. "Josh was very knowledgeable. He had a wonderful sense of humor, which made the trip. I would definitely recommend Rainbow. I am making a coffee table book of our trip. Is there anyway you may email a picture of Josh, please."
    Christy S Kreger • Jul 2022
  18. "Couldn’t stump the pilot. Very knowledgeable. Co pant is very professional. Would recommend to anyone- doors off for sure !!!"
    Philip Yochum • Jul 2022
  19. "The whole experience was incredible, the staff were so welcoming and made you feel relaxed, our pilot Kyle was so knowledgeable about the island and so friendly, the photographer Brian’s photos were excellent, could of asked for a better experience. Would honestly recommend rainbow helicopters to anyone travelling to Honolulu"
    Sam • Jun 2022
  20. "Fantastic! Pilot Kyle was great and knowledgeable. Thoroughly enjoyable tour."
    Fran • Jun 2022

Oahu helicopter tours / specialty flights

Rainbow Helicopters - Royal Crown Of Oahu Landscape Waikiki Helicopter Ride

Royal Crown of Oahu


60 minutes.  Experience Oahu's most picturesque locations as your helicopter tours the South Shore, North Shore, Windward Coast, Ko’olau mountains, Sacred Falls and more. This royal ring Oahu helicopter tour gives you a front row seat to the island's best landmarks and attractions.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Flying Above The Sacred Falls Waterfall, Oahu Landscape

Isle Sights Unseen


45 minutes. A unique side of the island awaits when you take to the sky in this unforgettable Oahu helicopter tour. Fly above Diamond Head, the Ka’a’awa Valley, Sacred Falls, Maunalua Bay, Lanikai Beach, Makapu’u and more in this remarkable helicopter tour of the islands best unseen sights.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Path To Pali Passage Landscape

Path to Pali Passage


30 minutes. Experience breathtaking views of Oahu as your helicopter tours Waikiki and Diamond Head crater. See the best of the Windward Coast and explore the inland passages of the Nu’uanu Pali cliffs and rainforests. Experience Hawaii as you’ve never seen it before in this stunning Oahu helicopter tour.

Oahu Helicopter Tours | Rainbow Helicopter landed on cliff

Proposal Flight – Romantic Landing


60 minutes. Wow your significant other with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind romantic Oahu helicopter charter. Experience an exclusive landing tucked away above a stunning private valley.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Luxury Picnic with fruits and champagne glasses

Luxury Picnic at Scenic Landing


2 hours. Experience Hawaii on our most popular Oahu helicopter tour. This exclusive landing experience includes a fresh gourmet meal, local juices, champagne, Wailua Estate chocolates and flower leis.

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