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Rainbow Helicopters 2023 recap
Rainbow Helicopters 2023 recap

Rainbow Helicopters 2023, what a year!

DEC  •  2023

Outstanding customer service and top traveller-rated Oahu helicopter tours

Rainbow Helicopters takes pride in the accolades bestowed upon us by our guests, who enjoy our spectacular helicopter tours across Oahu. Our doors-off aerial adventures consistently garner rave 5-star reviews, particularly for the awe-inspiring vistas of Sacred Falls Oahu and various other breathtaking panoramas. Renowned for our exemplary customer service, we specialize in presenting unparalleled aerial perspectives, ensuring that your Hawaiian vacation is graced with indelible memories. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our guests for sharing their delightful experiences from our Waikiki helicopter tours!

Embark on an extraordinary flight with Rainbow Helicopters, where our pilots and guides narrate a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Oahu. See renowned waterfalls, lush valleys, and more, as our pilots show you the vibrant tapestry of Hawaii’s storied past. Our five-star reviews speak volumes—indeed, this is the best helicopter tour experience in Hawaii!

With seasoned pilots and a fleet of vibrant Rainbow helicopters, fly over Honolulu’s most iconic landmarks, from lush rainforests to majestic waterfalls. Rainbow Helicopters stands as the quintessential choice for experiencing Oahu’s panoramic beauty. Enjoy an array of awe-inspiring vistas that showcase the splendor of Oahu’s terrain during your helicopter flight above this breathtaking landscape.

Honolulu Helicopter Tours


Rainbow Helicopters offers spectacular Honolulu helicopter tours on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We also provide luxurious private charters and specialized flight services such aaerial photo / videography and flight instruction.

See Oahu’s most iconic sites

Waikiki Skyline
Surf Beaches
Diamond Head
Makapu’u Lighthouse
Windward Coast
Lanikai Beach
Ko’olau Mountains
Kaneohe Bay
Chinaman’s Hat
Ka’a’awa Valley
Sacred Falls
North Shore
Banzai Pipeline
Waimea Bay
Dole Plantation
Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona Memorial
Turtle Bay Resort
Kea Boat Harbor

  1. "What a blast. Pilot made it very fun. He didn't do any crazy maneuvers and was super safe. We did doors off and loved it...even at 2500 feet."
    Dick Morgan • May 2024
  2. "Freddy was amazing! This tour was truly an exceptional experience that neither of us will forget!"
    ryan cordell • May 2024
  3. "Thumbs up and all hands on deck on this awesome tour! Fantastic piloting & narration flew us over the entire island of Oahu. Open-doors highly recommended, but dress for the wind. Stunning!"
    Michael • May 2024
  4. "Exceptional. Well organized and anticipated everything. Fantastic pilot. He didn't do any high speed maneuvers. Lol. Thanks for a great experience."
    Dick Morgan • May 2024
  5. "Our tour around Oahu by air described our Hawaiian vacation beautifully. Also, being it was my first time in a helicopter, I was a little apprehensive, but the pilot gave me a flight to remember. My family and I loved it! Thank you. We’d recommend Rainbow Helicopters to everyone!"
    Yoko Giarratano • Apr 2024
  6. "Great experience and I highly recommend Freddy the pilot. He was knowledgeable of the entire island and very careful while flying and educating our group."
    Geronimo Jorge • Apr 2024
  7. "Wonderful!!!"
    Hartmut Bulwien • Apr 2024
  8. "The flight was absolutely spectacular. Joel was an amazing pilot and very knowledgeable about the island. There are views, such as the Sacred Falls waterfall, are something that you can only see from the sky since it was closed to hikers since 1999. I would highly recommend the helicopter tour by rainbow helicopters to anyone!"
    Hartz Jodi • Apr 2024
  9. "Great experience coupled with a great staff = great time. From the moment I booked the flight it was a top notch experience. Reception called me minutes after I booked to confirm I received the email with parking instructions and everything was good to go. Arrived and followed the well documented signage to the designated area and we were off. Even on a super windy day everything was super smooth and felt like first class passengers on a first class trip the entire time. Would highly recommend."
    Erick McKitterick • Apr 2024
  10. "We recently went to Hawaii to celebrate our 50th anniversary and included a helicopter tour of Oahu with Rainbow Tours. It was fantastic, and I would do it again and recommend it completely. Mike, the pilot, was wonderful. He took us around the whole island, showed us Pearl Harbour, the Dole plantations, pointed out interesting spots and beautiful landmarks. Definitely the highlight of our visit."
    Martin and Terrie W • Mar 2024
  11. "Wonderful experience. Scenery was fabulous and included so many of the famous landmarks and sites. Pilot Kieran was informative, charming and funny. The only concern was front seat for two passengers is an extremely tight squeeze. I have mobility issues, so the tour is a great way to see and experience all the wonderful things, without all the walking. Highly recommend "
    Lee Ann Dalling • Mar 2024
  12. "Excellent tour. Very experienced pilot. Received good information. Flight was very smooth. Would recommend"
    Wayne Reddekopp • Mar 2024
  13. "This was an amazing heli tour and Darrell at the controls was a superb pilot and extremely informative and personal…. Would definitely recommend and do the tour again!!!"
    John Abshire • Mar 2024
  14. "It was terrific. Everyone considered it the highlight of our vacation."
    Gerry Dempsey • Feb 2024
  15. "The tour was fantastic! Joel kept us safe and gave us wonderful views of the island! When our daughter saw his picture, she thought he was cute but needed a beard, LOL. On a side note, I was in seat 1 and could not hear his narrative very well in spite of adjusting the knobs on the headset. More instruction is needed there. Thanks for a great experience!"
    Susan Brown • Feb 2024
  16. "Tour was fantastic and fun! The welcome staff were warm and friendly. My first-time on a heli so getting a birds eye view of Oahu was amazing. We saw rainbows, waterfalls, and the beautiful beaches. Darrell did a nice job of giving insight to cool facts about Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, and the tidbits about the local communities. The only downer...if you are seated in seat 1 and 2 request to be moved because you're next to the pilot console, we felt a bit cramped. Other than that this tour made our Valentine's day super memorable."
    John • Feb 2024
  17. "Joel was a great pilot ! He was thorough on everything before take off , and we felt super safe with the staff . During the flight he answered all our questions about the island and sites we seen . He told us lots of info about the island and history and showed us cool spots and sites. Definitely worth every penny , and a memory me and my daughter will cherish and remember forever ! Also they let you view video after before purchasing , so if thinking of getting a video , wait until you view it after your flight to see if your satisfied with the quality before paying ! Thank you again Joel + Staff !"
    Cboyne • Feb 2024
  18. "smashing tour of Oahu with Kieran, who pointed out the sights and made a few extra circles around two different whale sightings. We enjoyed the doors-off experience in the Airbus jet helicopter… :)"
    Donn C. • Feb 2024
  19. "This tour was our first time in a helicopter and now likely won’t be our last. Turner was the best pilot! Felt safe and secure even with the yaws and bumps. Doors off is the way to go! He was very knowledgeable and the right amount of chatty for us. We say parts of the island we would not have seen otherwise! Rainbow and staff very attentive and professional from the start. Everyone said hello and goodbye and asked how our flight was. It was an hour that didn’t seem like one at all!"
    Alex Vuolo and Laura Morency • Feb 2024
  20. "Hey guys this was an awesome tour. I loved it. It was windy somewhat but the pilot was an awesoem pilot he kept it nice and smooth for us Def would recommend this helicopter tour to anyone out there. They give very detailed information about the island while on the tour."
    Karl Martin • Feb 2024
  21. "This flight was so much fun and I highly recommend doing this. Everyone was very professional and safety was a top priority. The views of the island from the air are amazing. The pilot, JoJo, was very experienced and shared information about the island and what we were looking at. Thanks Rainbow for an experience we will never forget."
    Gary & Carol • Jan 2024
  22. "Pilot was full of information and made adjustments for the weather. We are glad we did it! It was amazing!"
    Krystal Smith • Jan 2024
  23. "This was the single best experience of recent years for me. First time in a helicopter and first time in Hawaii. I wish it was longer than an hour it was so mesmerizing. Our pilot Emma was really great and explained sites to us and answered questions. Such a blessing to be able to do."
    Michelle Kuffler • Jan 2024
  24. "This was an amazing experience. Our pilot Darrell was skillful, knowledgeable, friendly and informative. He made sure we had the chance to see the sights from both sides of the helicopter so everyone had a view. He had great recommendations and insider tips. The advance crew was professional and focused on safety. They answered our questions and ensured we were ready for a safe flight."
    Jeffrey Smith • Jan 2024
  25. "We’re a 65 year old couple looking for a unique experience but unsure the doors off option would be too “adventurous” for us. We’re so glad we did! Pilot Daryl made the trip super smooth and we felt totally safe and comfortable the entire trip. He did an excellent job narrating and explaining the areas of the island we visited. We even got to see sea turtles and beaching whales! We’ve traveled a lot and we’d post this as one of our lifetime experiences."
    Todd Lehman • Jan 2024
  1. "This may have been my confusion, but I Thought our flight was supposed to be my in-land (to see some waterfalls that can't be seen from roads or hiking in?), but our flight just went on the outskirts of the island. I wasn't sure if this was due to the fact that the weather was not as great that day or just my misunderstanding. However, we still really enjoyed our flight and did get to see some areas we had not seen from the ground. Our pilot was very friendly and knowledgeable, and all other staff were very friendly as well. Overall, a great experience."
    Marcy Hall • Apr 2024
  2. "The tour was breathtaking! The pilot was so informative and not only showed us the island safely, he gave us so much knowledge on what we were seeing. This was the best tour of my life!!"
    Maddie • Apr 2024
  3. "It was a great tour. The pilot was fantastic with his flying skills and his knowledge of the sites as we flew over them."
    James C • Apr 2024
  4. "Fantastic flight over the island Oahu! Pilot gave very good information about things to see while flying over it. Also she (yes! a woman pilot!) was very friendly. We recommend this company for sure!"
    Reinhardt Eijsbroek • Mar 2024
  5. "Fantastic flight over the island Oahu! Pilot gave very good information about things to see while flying over it. Also she (yes! a woman pilot!) was very friendly. We recommend this company for sure!"
    Reinhardt Eijsbroek • Mar 2024
  6. "What an amazing adventure. We did the private 45mn doors-off. Saw a hunchback whale, playing dolphin, giant sea turtle. Friendly staff, our pilot Turner is very communicative which we liked a lot and he gave us interesting info. He spotted the sea animals first! Rainbow Helicopters: highly recommended!"
    Marlijn Franken • Mar 2024
  7. "Staff was friendly and helpful! Pilot Joel was very good and informative. Flight was awesome! Views were spectacular!"
    Todd Laird • Mar 2024
  8. "This was a great experience, well worth the price! Seeing the island from the sky provided a great perspective of the island as a whole that you couldn't get from the ground. Would definitely recommend for anyone."
    Zach Schaible • Mar 2024
  9. "First time going on a helicopter tour with them and they take such good care of you and they take you to the most beautiful spots in hawaii. i highly recommand going on their tours."
    Samantha • Mar 2024
  10. "We were lucky to fly out on a sunny day. The sights were beautiful and the doors open option was thrilling. Our pilot, Joel, was also friendly and entertaining. Overall a core memory for my finance and I. Would do again."
    Nino Crisostomo • Feb 2024
  11. "Amazing experience, pilot was extremely knowledgeable about the island. 10/10 would recommend."
    Sean owens • Feb 2024
  12. "I have done the 45 minute tour 3 times now. And I am coming back in May of this year and ready to do it again. Everybody was wonderful. The flight is amazing."
    Bonnie A Stuart • Jan 2024
  13. "So glad we did this in Oahu! We did the 45 min ride with Turner and had the best experience! Staff inside was friendly and we got checked-in super fast. Would 100% recommend to do a tour with this company!! :)"
    Ashley • Jan 2024
  14. "The flight is definitely worth the money! I had an incredible, unique experience I won't forget. We saw waterfalls, banana and pineapple plantations, a rainbow over the mountains and the beautiful beginning of the sunset. Also, the Rainbow Helicopters team including our pilot, who told us lots of stories about O'ahu, were awesome. I absolutely recommend this to everyone!"
    Bianca Huels • Jan 2024
  15. "Tony is the best"
    Zhe Guo • Nov 2023
  16. "The pilot was awesome!! The ride was so incredible!! Thank you so much for the best experience ever!!"
    Laura Ryoo • Nov 2023
  17. "Tony and Freddy were the best tour guides!! They made the experience especially magical. The views are quite amazing. 100% recommended! All the staff is nice and helpful as well."
    Melinda Wells • Nov 2023
  18. "Our pilot was amazing.. 20 stars.. for he/ and the staff!!!will recommend.. everything just flowed so well and easy.. with everyone and everything.. we loved it!!!!.."
    Jaime ortega • Jul 2023
  19. "Tobias was the BEST!!! Knowledgeable and professional pilot, gave a great tour! We had an amazing time! This was an exhilarating and beautiful way to see the island!"
    Amy Kuehnel • Jul 2023
  20. "It was an awesome ride. Absolute fantastic."
    Blanchefleur Brassinga • Jul 2023
  21. "Highlight of our trip! This is the best way to see the island. Kyle was a great pilot, very informative and our little girl loved talking on the mic and Kyle was entertaining her."
    Horacio Payan • Jun 2023
  22. "Alex was a great pilot!"
    Stephen C Patton • May 2023
  23. "So amazing! The staff is so friendly! We did the doors off tour and I would highly recommend it! Our pilot JoJo was so great!"
    Abby Keophaphone • Apr 2023
  24. "Didn’t see the waterfall I booked for but overall was well; staff and pilot were great."
    Lindsay • Apr 2023
  25. "Alex was fantastic. Gave us great views of the North Shore, Diamond Head, and other sights. The ride was much smoother than expected. Would definitely do again."
    Tara • Apr 2023
  1. "Only regret was not doing it longer!"
    Tyler Maxwell • Mar 2024
  2. "Had a 30 mins helicopter ride and couldn't recommend them enough. Extremely professional & polite staff, we also hired a photographer & didn't regret the decision as the pictures/videos turned out amazing. Also our inflight video was really good. Highly recommended."
    Syed Nasir Abbas Rizvi • Jan 2024
  3. "Had a 30 mins helicopter ride and couldn't recommend them enough. Extremely professional & polite staff, we also hired a photographer & didn't regret the decision as the pictures/videos turned out amazing. Also our inflight video was really good. Highly recommended."
    Sadaf Zehra • Jan 2024
  4. "I decided to book a tour with last minute but they were able to accommodate me. The staff at the office were nice and answered all my questions. Joel, the pilot, was nice and knew so much about the island. This is a can't miss opportunity on this island."
    Eamonn • Dec 2023
  5. "Couldn't ask for a better way to see Oahu. Tony our pilot was awesome and full of knowledge, also if you're a nervous flyer he gave you a heads up when there would be turbulence."
    Mike • Nov 2023
  6. "Everything was more than my granddaughter and I imagined. She was so excited for the doors off and I was for the co-pilot seat with doors on. The pilot gave us a lot of information and made it very entertaining."
    Judi • Sep 2023
  7. "Our pilot, Tobias was great. I was nervous starting out but had a great time."
    Kathy Dailey • Jun 2023
  8. "The ride was awesome!! I kept my door off which was a bit scary being it was my first time in a helicopter but I’m so glad I did because it made the experience that much cooler! Our pilot was so informative and kind. He made the experience so memorable."
    Kristen VanVranken • Jun 2023
  9. "Beautiful view of the island. Staff was professional and helpful. Ride was smooth. Open doors is very windy… but great view!"
    Riley • Jun 2023
  10. "We had the most amazing experience. The first booking we had, we were able to take off in the helicopter, but we were unable to do the entire Pali route due to weather. I was so sad, then the staff turned it around and made sure that we got the full experience, offered to reschedule us, and were the kindest people. These employees are amazing!!! I can't remember the name of the girl who helped us reschedule and took care of us, I think it was Kamalani, but she was the SWEETEST! Rainbow Helicopters truly took care of us and we had the most amazing experience because they also upgraded our second trip!!! BEST HELICOPTER COMPANY EVER, BEST EMPLOYEES ♥️ -jacob & shelby"
    Jacob and Shelly • May 2023
  11. "Wow what an amazing experience we had , was a surprise for my niece, my friend and her daughter they had such a great time we all had a great time, perfect whether . Our pilot Riley was very informative during the flight, and all the other staff were super friendly . This is a most do while in Hawaii, I highly recommend it. Thank you so very much rainbow helicopters!!! Mahalo"
    Oana Ivanoff • Apr 2023
  12. "It was amazing ….. Mahalo"
    Carlos caballero • Feb 2023
  13. "Oliver was great! Lots of fun."
    Leslie Dean Barker • Feb 2023
  14. "We had a wonderful experience, our pilot was very informative and patient. We were celebrating my 6 years old Birthday, she had a good time ."
    Rita • Nov 2022
  15. "Mardi le 4 octobre, nous avons fait un tour d’hélicoptère avec Joey de Rainbow helicopter, ce fut vraiment une expérience magnifique malgré les quelques nuages (Normand a voyagé la porte ouverte… ho la la) . Les vues sur Honolulu, les plages , la mer et les montagnes sont absolument fantastiques. Merci pour votre professionnalisme et votre accueil chaleureux . Aloha "
    Jacinthe Deschenes • Oct 2022
  16. "An awesome experience. Oliver was great flying the helicopter and letting us know what we were seeing during the trip. Highly recommended. Thanks"
    Mark • Oct 2022
  17. "Oliver was our pilot he was so awesome!!! We had the best time, breathtaking views, if your contemplating whether to do this, this is your sign !! Do it !!! Was the best experience and best part of our trip."
    Julia • Sep 2022
  18. "Amazing!"
    Marco • Aug 2022
  19. "I would do it again!!"
    Bruce Cornwell • Aug 2022
  20. "The helicopter tour of Oahu was one of our favorite things to do! Being able to see the island from that perspective was breathtaking. We would highly recommend this company and their island tour."
    Beth Dunwody • Aug 2022
  21. "We had a great trip with Rainbow Helicopters. There was another couple of the trip with us that had their door off which we were surprised about. We thought that booking a doors on tour meant all doors would be on."
    Keren • Jul 2022
  22. "It was an absolutely amazing experience! The best part of our trip for sure. Excellent customer service, very safe and super interesting! Thank you very much!"
    Kate • Jun 2022
  23. "Amazing! Oliver was super friendly and great pilot."
    Asmira • Jun 2022
  24. "Rainbow helicopters was an awesome experience! The staff was very informative and made the process so simple and fun! Our pilot Riley did such a good job pointing out landmarks and explaining the history of the island. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone! Thank you to the Rainbow Helicopter team. 12/10 experience!"
    Mark • May 2022
  25. "Great views, just wish we had selected a longer tour!"
    Holly Wingfield • May 2022

Oahu helicopter tours

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter tour above iconic island coastline

Royal Crown of Oahu


60 minute helicopter ride Oahu. Experience Oahu's most picturesque locations as your helicopter tours the South Shore, North Shore, Windward Coast, Ko’olau mountains, Sacred Falls and more. This royal ring Oahu helicopter tour gives you a front row seat to the island's best landmarks and attractions.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Flying Above The Sacred Falls Waterfall, Oahu Landscape

Isle Sights Unseen


45 minute Honolulu helicopter tour. A unique side of the island awaits when you take to the sky in this unforgettable Oahu helicopter tour. Fly above Diamond Head, the Ka’a’awa Valley, Sacred Falls, Maunalua Bay, Lanikai Beach, Makapu’u and more in this remarkable helicopter tour of the islands best unseen sights.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Path To Pali Passage Landscape

Path to Pali Passage


30 minutes. Experience breathtaking views of Oahu as your helicopter tours Waikiki and Diamond Head crater. See the best of the Windward Coast and explore the inland passages of the Nu’uanu Pali cliffs and rainforests. Experience Hawaii as you’ve never seen it before in this stunning Oahu helicopter tour.

Rainbow Helicopters - Waikiki Sunset landscape

Waikiki Sunset


50 minutes. Enjoy a world-class twilight flight as your helicopter tours over the Oahu's Waikiki skyline, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and more. Our renowned sunset Oahu helicopter tour gives you the best seat to see gorgeous hues of pink, orange, red, and yellow against the expansive skyline.

Waikiki Heli Tour, spectacular aerial view of Honolulu with Diamond Head in the background

City by the Sea


20 minutes. See the beautiful skylines of Oahu as your helicopter tours the pristine beaches of a tropical paradise above a world-class city. Experience the city's best sights including the Waikiki shoreline, Diamond Head, Punchbowl Crater, Pearl Harbor and more in this awesome Oahu helicopter tour.

A couple sharing a kiss on a Rainbow Helicopter tour

Romantic Proposal Flight


30 minutes & up. Propose in-flight! A private helicopter tour for two over Oahu is filled with romance. There is no better way to say "I want to marry you!" than from way up high in the sky in a private helicopter.

Two young women showing shaka symbol in a Rainbow Helicopter

Gift Cards


Give the unique and memorable gift of experiencing Hawaii like never before! Your guest will enjoy breathtaking sights and stunning vistas in an Oahu helicopter tour of their choosing.

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