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Waikiki Helicopter Tours


Experience Oahu’s most iconic sights from above with a Waikiki helicopter tour.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter tour above iconic island coastline

Royal Crown of Oahu


60 minute helicopter ride Oahu. Experience Oahu's most picturesque locations as your helicopter tours the South Shore, North Shore, Windward Coast, Ko’olau mountains, Sacred Falls and more. This royal ring Oahu helicopter tour gives you a front row seat to the island's best landmarks and attractions.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Flying Above The Sacred Falls Waterfall, Oahu Landscape

Isle Sights Unseen


45 minute Honolulu helicopter tour. A unique side of the island awaits when you take to the sky in this unforgettable Oahu helicopter tour. Fly above Diamond Head, the Ka’a’awa Valley, Sacred Falls, Maunalua Bay, Lanikai Beach, Makapu’u and more in this remarkable helicopter tour of the islands best unseen sights.

Rainbow Oahu Helicopter Tours - Path To Pali Passage Landscape

Path to Pali Passage


30 minutes. Experience breathtaking views of Oahu as your helicopter tours Waikiki and Diamond Head crater. See the best of the Windward Coast and explore the inland passages of the Nu’uanu Pali cliffs and rainforests. Experience Hawaii as you’ve never seen it before in this stunning Oahu helicopter tour.

Oahu Helicopter Tours | Rainbow Helicopter landed on cliff

Proposal Flight – Romantic Landing


60 minutes. Wow your significant other with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind romantic Oahu helicopter charter. Experience an exclusive landing tucked away above a stunning private valley.

Waikiki Heli Tour, spectacular aerial view of Honolulu with Diamond Head in the background

City by the Sea


20 minutes. See the beautiful skylines of Oahu as your helicopter tours the pristine beaches of a tropical paradise above a world-class city. Experience the city's best sights including the Waikiki shoreline, Diamond Head, Punchbowl Crater, Pearl Harbor and more in this awesome Oahu helicopter tour.

Rainbow Helicopters Luxury Picnic with Scenic Landing

Luxury Picnic at Scenic Landing


2 hours. See Oahu in style and enjoy a world-class private helicopter tour of the island with an exclusive landing and stunning views. Experience includes fresh gourmet lunch, local juices, champagne, Wailua Estate chocolates and Hawaiian flower leis.

A couple sharing a kiss on a Rainbow Helicopter tour

Romantic Proposal Flight


30 minutes & up. Propose in-flight! A private helicopter tour for two over Oahu is filled with romance. There is no better way to say "I want to marry you!" than from way up high in the sky in a private helicopter.

“Me and my partner did the doors-off tour. Best thing ever! Tony, the pilot, was very informative and was able to share with us amazing views and tell us rich history of the island.”


Kualoa Ridge Robinson R44 helicopter landing.above private valley.

An unforgettable helicopter adventure above Oahu. 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with a Waikiki helicopter tour and discover the breathtaking sights and stunning vistas of Oahu. Rainbow Helicopters invites you to soar above the turquoise waters, taking in the island’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems that can only be fully appreciated from the air.

From the majestic Diamond Head crater to the pristine white sand beaches, you’ll witness the natural wonders of Oahu, including the enchanting Sacred Falls and the lush rainforests that adorn the island’s interior. Prepare to be amazed as you catch glimpses of Makapu’u, the North Shore, and Pearl Harbor along the way.

Airbus Astar helicopter seats six guests.

Premium helicopter flight experiences.

Guests enjoy their choice of premium helicopter flight experiences aboard our Airbus Astar or Robinson R-44 helicopters. We offer a variety of daytime helicopter tours, sunset tours, romantic proposal flights and luxury picnic experiences.

Rainbow Helicopters offers a range of daytime helicopter excursions, captivating sunset tours, romantic proposal flights, and luxurious picnic experiences. No matter the occasion, our helicopter flights provide an unparalleled perspective of Oahu’s natural splendor.

Additionally, we cater to custom flight experiences such as aerial photography charters for film and advertising, as well as private flight instruction. Our warm spirit of aloha and a friendly multi-cultural staff ensure that every guest who flies with Rainbow Helicopters becomes part of our Ohana.

Robinson R44 helicopter with Doors Off.

Fly doors off at no extra charge.

Take your Waikiki helicopter ride to extraordinary heights by choosing the thrilling “doors off” experience with Rainbow Helicopters. This exhilarating option removes all barriers, allowing you to fully embrace the breathtaking sights of Oahu.

Feel the exhilarating rush of wind through your hair as you soak in panoramic views and capture unforgettable moments from an unobstructed vantage point. With the doors off, your photographs will be crisp and vivid, enabling you to immerse yourself completely in the awe-inspiring beauty of Oahu.

Fly doors off no charge.
Customize per passenger at checkout..

Rainbow’s helicopter pilots bring the aloha spirit!

Exceptional service and aloha spirit.

At Rainbow Helicopters, we take pride in providing exceptional service and embodying the true spirit of aloha. Our friendly and courteous staff is committed to making your Hawaii helicopter ride the most memorable part of your vacation. Whether you’re a first-time flyer or a seasoned adventurer, we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

From the moment you step onboard, you’ll feel the warmth of our Ohana and experience the genuine hospitality that makes Hawaii so special. Fly with us and discover why Rainbow Helicopters is synonymous with the aloha spirit.

Helicopter tour map

Map of Rainbow Helicopters Oahu Tour Routes and durations 2023

What are Waikiki helicopter tours?

Embark on a thrilling Waikiki helicopter tour and immerse yourself in an adventure brimming with excitement. These captivating tours elevate your experience, allowing you to marvel at the unrivaled beauty of Oahu. From breathtaking landscapes to hidden treasures, a Waikiki helicopter tour grants you exclusive access to witness the very essence of Oahu’s splendor.

Uncover sights that are otherwise unreachable and understand why a helicopter tour stands among the top-rated activities in Waikiki, Honolulu, Ko Olina, and beyond. This extraordinary experience will create indelible memories of Oahu’s majestic landscapes and instill a deep appreciation for the wonders that await through aerial exploration.

Flying in a helicopter

Experience the immersive perspective of Waikiki helicopter tours, where you can truly grasp the lay of the land and gain a comprehensive understanding of Oahu’s iconic landmarks and rich history. Soaring above the island, you’ll witness the interconnected tapestry between your accommodations, the mesmerizing beaches, the vibrant hub of Waikiki, the historic significance of Pearl Harbor, the majestic presence of Diamond Head, the enchanting allure of Sacred Falls, and other notable sights that define the essence of Oahu.

At Rainbow Helicopters, we take it a step further by offering the doors-off option completely free of charge. Our lineup of top-rated Oahu helicopter tours conveniently departs from Honolulu International Airport, with complimentary shuttles available to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Choose Rainbow Helicopters and book direct at for an unforgettable adventure and witness the wonders of Oahu from the sky.

Enjoy premium flight experiences aboard our Airbus Astar and Robinson R44 helicopters.

Rainbow Helicopters Oahu helicopter tour flying above iconic Hawaiian coastlines
Rainbow Helicopters Oahu helicopter tour flying above iconic Hawaiian coastlines
Rainbow Helicopters Oahu Airbus Astar helicopter diagram with seating chart
Rainbow Helicopters Airbus Astar interior seating

Airbus Astar



Known for its outstanding proven track record, the Airbus Astar has a spacious and comfortable cabin and panoramic interior for optimum visibility.

Rainbow Helicopters Oahu Robinson R44 helicopter flying above lush green forest in Hawaii
Rainbow Helicopters Oahu Robinson R44 helicopter flying above lush green forest in Hawaii
Rainbow Helicopters Oahu Robinson R44 helicopter diagram with seating chart
Rainbow Helicopters Oahu flight instruction

Robinson R44



High performing and reliable, the R-44's open cabin design provides unobstructed views for great pictures.

Waikiki helicopter tours FAQ

Yes, Waikiki helicopter tours can be enjoyed by individuals with motion sickness. The smooth and stable flight of helicopters, coupled with modern stabilization technology, minimizes motion and provides a comfortable experience. If you’re concerned, you can also choose a larger helicopter that offers enhanced stability.

Most Waikiki helicopter tours do not have strict age restrictions. However, for safety reasons, children typically need to be at least two years old to fly. Additionally, certain tours may have specific age requirements or recommendations. It’s always best to check with the helicopter tour provider for any age-related guidelines.

Yes, you can bring your camera and personal belongings on a Waikiki helicopter tour. Capturing the breathtaking aerial views is highly encouraged. However, it’s important to follow any guidelines provided by the tour operator regarding the use and secure storage of your belongings during the flight.

The duration of Waikiki helicopter tours can vary depending on the specific tour package chosen. On average, tours range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Some operators also offer extended tours that can last up to 2 hours, providing a more comprehensive exploration of the island.

The seating arrangements in Waikiki helicopter tours are usually assigned based on factors like weight distribution for optimal balance. However, the tour operator will strive to accommodate special requests whenever possible. It’s always recommended to communicate your preferences during the booking process to increase the chances of obtaining your desired seating arrangement.

It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes for a Waikiki helicopter tour. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweater as the temperature may vary during the flight. Avoid loose articles of clothing or accessories that could be affected by the helicopter’s airflow.

Most Waikiki helicopter tours provide a two-way communication system between the pilot and passengers. This allows for informative commentary and an opportunity to ask questions during the flight. The pilot will provide valuable insights, point out landmarks, and share interesting facts about the sights you’ll be witnessing.

If inclement weather conditions, such as heavy rain or strong winds, pose a safety concern, the helicopter tour may be rescheduled or canceled. Tour operators prioritize passenger safety and adhere to weather guidelines for flight operations. In such cases, they will typically offer the option to reschedule or provide a refund.

The accessibility of Waikiki helicopter tours for individuals with disabilities can vary among tour operators. Some companies offer wheelchair-accessible helicopters or have the ability to accommodate passengers with mobility challenges. It’s advisable to inquire about specific accessibility requirements with the tour provider before booking to ensure a seamless experience.

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